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Here at Tekno, our build lines can be adapted to the needs of our clients. We understand that the build line is not a single-size solution, but rather one that must accommodate a wide variety of assembly needs. Our modular approach makes adjusting the build line to your needs a breeze and brings peace of mind for potential future replacement of parts. We offer maintenance-friendly options that can make all the difference in the event that a part of the line malfunctions.
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Can handle a wide variety of product and carrier types, loads, sizes, and conveyance speeds with no lubrication required. Tekno Conveyor Systems are extremely flexible in application, and they’re re-configurable when production requirements change.
Available in both wide and narrow roller size, to accommodate a variety of pallet weights and materials. The narrow roller (¾”) is suited best for assembly applications. The wide roller (1 ½”) is most commonly used in shipping or warehousing type applications. The increased surface area of the rollers allow for smoother movement.

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